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Bethany Armstrong Johnson was born in Ohio, raised in Minnesota, and never truly felt like either one was home. She lived in a small town and attended a small high school (500 people and 50 people, respectively). So to say TV was her best friend is not hyperbole. There weren't really a lot of other options. She grew up watching anything from The Simpsons to SNL to Road Rules and everything* in between.

She attended a small liberal arts college where she realized making the types of things she liked to watch was something she really wanted to do. Shortly after graduating, she moved to LA to do just that. During her jobs in production, post-production, and visual effects, she was

Coffee and Computer

always writing shorts and features. But after working on a Marvel TV show, it finally clicked -- she should write TV. She was ashamed she hadn't thought of it earlier; how could she have abandoned her one true friend, television? Shortly after writing her first pilot, she got a job as a script coordinator, wrote a freelance script, got another job as a script coordinator, wrote another freelance script and, finally, was promoted to Staff Writer. 


Bethany still watches a lot of television, but now with her new best friend, Graham, who is also a writer, and their dog, who is not.



* almost everything. She was not allowed to watch Dawson's Creek.

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